Our Company

Leadership in

Property Investment

With a wealth of experience Shield Knight Investment is a market leader in UK property investment. As a fully regulated company founded in 2013, we specialize in identifying wealth building opportunities through smart, safe and secure property investments. With a wide range of opportunities available in different property sectors speak to us today for a free consultation.


You can be assured that Shield Knight Investment has carried out vast research throughout the UK property investment world to source the best investments for our clients.

Investment Planning

From testing and understanding investors experiences and locations we can pin point the key criteria that makes the investments outstanding for our clients to grow their wealth.


Maximum due to diligence has been carried out to ensure there is no margin for errors and our investments do exactly what they are supposed to for our clients with minimal risk.


An investment is made ever powerful if our clients funds are safe and growing. We pride ourselves on having investments that does exactly this.


With high returns of up to 10% per annum it would be difficult to find a more lucrative and powerful way to grow your wealth..


A done for you service is provided from reservation through to contract exchange with legal fees paid for..